Some people ask me why I say Windows XP is my favorite Operating System. Is it out of Nostalgia?
Is it out of Love for the Compatibility? What is it?

1. The Desktop and Start Menu

The Desktop and Start Menu are one of. If not the first thing to notice on ANY Windows Operating System
and this is where Windows XP gets it right. Right off the bat when you make a account you are greeted with a 
Uncluttered Desktop with only the Recycling Bin. Then. And only Then. Can you make your desktop as messy as you 
want. Like Mine. (I know it's not That Cluttered. But Still)

The Start Menu is also another thing to add on. It's nice. In my honest opinion I would take this one over
the ones from Windows 10, 2000, and Vista. 7's is alright. 

The Start Menu is pretty nice in Windows XP. It isn't shoving Ads in your face like Windows 10's does, And 
it isn't super scaled down like Windows 2000's is. Everything is easily placed where you can find them. For
example. Want to find Windows Movie Maker? Easy! Just Open the Start Menu, Click All Programs
and there you go!

2. Customization

Customization in a Operating System is what makes it connect with the consumer. In my opinion. I want
to be able to customize my computer right out of the box without being told that I can't.