Website compatibility is one thing I strive to make happen. That is why this is raw HTML straight out of 2 books I found from the Late 1990s. 

This is my website running on Opera (Version 10.68) just fine with a tiny bit of slowdown (due to scrolling and what not)

Internet Explorer on Windows 98 on the other hand... Do not even bother... Who uses IE anymore anyway :/

Windows NT 4.0 With Opera (10.63) In 256 Colour Mode.

Windows NT 4.0 AGAIN with Opera 10.63. This time in 65536 Colour Mode

NT 4.0 in TRUE COLOUR MODE!!! As you can see. Not really different from 65536.

The differences between 256 Colours, 65536 Colours, and True Colour mode on this Website. The most noticable differences is the Windows XP Title bar

Which looks supremely ugly in 256, Moderatley ok in 65536 Colours, and Perfect in True Colour.


Web Browsers I know this site works on
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Internet Explorer 10+
- Microsoft Edge
- Tor
- Opera 10+
- Chrome for Mobile

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