OpenMPT (used to be ModPlug Tracker) is my favorite music tool in the universe. It's a pretty nifty tool for MOD Music in the formats like MOD,IT,XM,S3M,and their own MPTM format. I suggest you check it out. This is a Screenshot of one of the things I made in there. It's on my ModArchive Page Linked on the homepage!


Honestly. I like VGM-Music. And chances are if you're here. You probably do too. I recommend using Foobar2000 with the addon components for VGM Music. It's truely wonderful. And I mean look at that UI!!


OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HTML CD's FROM THE 1990s!!!!! Yes. Some of the Graphics on this site came from this CD. I LOVE THIS CD! It's now mine. No touch. HTML is Good.


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