Sappy Engine and Sappy Research


  So I noticed quite a few games use the MP2000 (or "Sappy") Sound Engine by Nintendo on the GameBoy Advance. 
Well Luckily. I have gained interest in this audio engine recently :)

What IS the "Sappy" Engine???

The "Sappy" Engine or Nintendo MP2000 is a sound Engine for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance that came with the default SDK. MP2000 was a MIDI Compatible engine that could use the following. * All Legacy GameBoy Channels * 2 Pulse Channels * 1 GB Wave Channel * 1 Noise Channel * DirectSound Channels * 1 Left * 1 Right

What IS DirectSound???

DirectSound (not to be confused with Microsoft DirectSound) is the PCM Channels on the GameBoy Advanced. Well... Essentially... The 2 DAC's in the GBA. These 2 DAC's can power 2 or more PCM Channels to playback samples.

Can MP2000 playback MOD,XM,WAV,IFF,DW,TF,some other "exotic format" Officially... No... But some composers (like Matt Simmonds) made converters. For example. For Nicktoons Unite and other games Matt Simmonds used a custom tool that converted XM Files to what MP2000 Could understand. Meaning he could continue to compose in FastTracker 2 and still use the MIDI Player on the GBA.

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