Developer: Halfbrick Studios AU
Publisher: TH*Q Australia
Released: 2006
Platform: GameBoy Advance
Composer: Andrew Curnock

Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island is a decent little (not really appreciated imo) platformer game for the GameBoy Advance released in 2006 
Developed by Halfbrick Studios and Published by TH*Q Australia. The OST is pretty good and has a nice Amiga sound to it
(even the ye ol' Chiptune Arps) Composed by Andrew Curnock of BeatTherapy. The Soundtrack is very High Quality for the GBA and I suggest you give
it a listen here 
. The opening cutscene music is actually what is playing on this very page!

Developer: id Software
Publisher: id Software
Released: 1993
Platform: MS-DOS/Windows (via Steam)
Ports: Linux/Mac/iOS/Android/ChromeOS/A FRICKEN PORCHE
Composer: Robert "Bobby" Prince

DOOM is a classic!. If you don't know this game you have been living under a rock for a long time. DOOM is a R E V O L U T I O N A R Y
First Person Shooter game released for MS-DOS in 1993. The game is AMAZING and you can actually buy it on steam! 
You can have a listen here 

Developer: Paragon 5 Publisher: Sunsoft Released: 2001 Platform: Gameboy Color Composers: Aleksi Eeben and Jonne Valtonen 2 Words for this OST. FLIPPIN FANTASTIC!! This Soundtrack Pushes the GBC to its LIMITS! I'm talking SAMPLES In the music, Killer Arp Effects, and just overall good! I HIGHLEY SUGGEST IF YOU'RE INTO CHIPTUNE TO GIVE THIS A LISTEN

Developer: Arc Developments Publisher: Grandslam Entertainments Released: 1992 Platform: Commodore Amiga Composer: Andi McGinty This game has a nice calm soundtrack to it. It fits the game perfectly and I wish all golf games had a soundtrack like this (Im looking at YOU Tiger Woods PGA 2004 on the GBA). You can listen to it a listen here.

Developer: Arc Developments Publisher: U.S. Gold Released: 1994 Platform: Sega Mega Drive Composer: Andi McGinty This games OST is... Mixed... Half the songs are short and annoying and some other songs are quite decent. My personal favorite is the Title Screen's music. As it's pretty lengthy and not really repetitive in my opinion. The other songs though... Are kinda Trash but this game deserves a place here.

Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: Tengen, U.S. Gold
Released: 1991
Platform: Commodore Amiga
Composer: Tim Follin
This games OST is well... Simply A M A Z I N G ! ! !  It's a mix of Ambient tracks and the rockin Final Music. 

Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Released: 1993
Platform: Super Famicom
Composer: Noriaki Urata, Kazuo Nii, Hiroshi Tsukamoto
Game Name In Native Region: Hebereke no Popūn

Hebereke No Popun is a intteresting little puzzle game for the Super Famicom. It's soundtrack
ranks on my list for how wacky and upbeat it is. Plus it samples one of the best rave tunes ever
James Brown is Dead using that famous rave stab. It's a soundtrack to realy
listen to!


Audio on site From Nicktoons:Battle For Volcano Island by Andrew Curnock

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