Hello! This is my About me page! I am someone who just likes to be on the internet for no reason really. I do tracker music (trackers button by the way) and the occasional youtube video. I also like to make goofy little games in GameMaker Studio and I am learning C# for Unity. I also plan on learning 80x86 Assembly to code more. In my spare time I like to work on this website though. There isn't all too much more about me other than I do this lol.

I have been making tracker music since I was a youngling in 2012. All I had was my family computer (which had a Pentium 4 mind you) which could not run the latest DAW. I found this programmed called OpenMPT and I instantly fell in love with using it. Sadly all of my pre-2014 modules have gone missing due to me being stupid and not backing things up. I still to this day use OpenMPT.